About Us



Cool Sheepskin Ltd is a company I founded in 2003 to sell the best quality finest sheepskin products to discerning customers around the world.

Maybe it's because I was brought up on a farm where there were always sheep around but I have a genuine liking for sheep and sheep-farming. 
As a young working woman I spent many years helping to lamb thousands of sheep on our family farm in Warwickshire, England, taking the lonely night shift during lambing time while my father took over in the early morning.
During a period traveling and working in Australia I extended my first-hand experience of sheep farming and developed a love for the people and the places.

Years later, these experiences and a continuing love of Australasia, and a growing expertise in the wonderful products manufactured from sheepskin led naturally to the creation of a web-based business.

I invest a great deal of time investigating world-wide specialist suppliers of sheepskin and other natural skin products. Only the very finest items from suppliers who have the necessary reliability and consistency of quality are accepted. In a world of fluctuating climate, economics and rapidly changing technology this can be a demanding task. But it is one we relish and enjoy, bringing absolutely the finest products available anywhere to you.

Best wishes 

Gwen Woodfield