Women's Ponchos Part Cashmere

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  • Size (doubled over): 80cm x 60cm
  • Fits size UK 8 - UK 18
  • Machine wash 30c using hand wash or wool cycle and use a liquid soap formulated for washing wool.  
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Feel confident in this simple yet stunning lightweight wool poncho for women that looks fabulous on everyone! It's a perfect poncho, warm, cozy and very useful in the unpredictable British weather.

They are also great for an extra layer in the office or just for sitting down in at night. 
If you decide you don't want to wear it then they are easy to roll up and slip into your handbag. 

Put one in your bag to take on the flight, you wont believe how useful it is. They are so easy to put on and off and wrap around you. Even in the evenings they are great to sit out in or throw over whatever you are wearing if you need to nip to the shops. 

This classic poncho can be a good idea for wedding wear as well. Sometimes our unpredictable summer weather may make it necessary to have extra layer handy and these ponchos are just the soloution. They look smart as well as being functional.

They are easy to wear and can be worn different ways. You can even wear two at once for extra warmth and with the colour of the underneath one showing against the top one can look really good eg, Ice Blue and Anthracite.
There are so many colours to choose from you are sure to find one that suits you. The black poncho is normally in stock and a staple for many clients.

The cashmere blend is made from 45% wool, 10% cashmere, 25% viscose and 20% polyamide and it's the cashmere content that makes them feel very soft.

Wool is a sustainable product. Shorn from an adult sheep every year, (which helps the sheep feel more comfortable as well) the wool grows back quickly so you can see wool is a fantastic product that is renewable. It can also be recycled and is also biodegradable, breaking down quickly, returning its nutrients to the soil without releasing any pollution. 
Wool Properties
Wool is one of the most breathable natural fibres and will absorb moisture and then 'wick it away' into the air helping the wearer to feel more comfortable. 
We care about the planet so use postal bags and boxes that are 100% recyclable. Please don't forget to recycle!
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